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Real estate banking management is the concept where AFI management limited (financial institute) and construction companies come together to address the issue of the decline of the real estate industry. This concept is avoiding the irrelevant extra cost and builders from the project and helping consumers to actualize and monitor the quality of construction and cost-effectiveness by knowing the actual cost of land, construction, and profit to the organization against their paying capacity and requirements.


The objective of this project is to conceptualize the real estate industry and inculcation of banking into it to improve sustainability with consumers. The origination of this concept is called “Quality and cost-effectiveness”, and the outcome will reduce 20 to 30% cost of real estate in any part of India and that can benefit to the consumer directly.

Conceptual Differences

(Between traditional industry and Real estate banking management.) There is origination inculcated to produce differences between traditional real estate and real estate banking management. Usually, studies of both concepts say that the traditional real estate industry depends on Investors and buyers. But nowadays due to that financial un-establishment of policies both investor and buyer are not available, and that has created the decline stage for the entire real estate industry in India.

And on the same path, our real estate baking management depends on consumers. During the research, we found that the un-establishment of policies did not impact much in the consumer's flow than the investor's flow. If there is the decline of investors and buyers being estimated 70% so on the same time consumers decline is only 25 to 30%. It means consumers exist in the industry but cannot be dependent on the traditional way of working with pillars of investors and Buyers.

Project Cost Management

(Differences between cost management of traditional industry and real estate banking management)

For any project cost management is the major and important task of management. And in the same context for the real estate industry too.
In tradition, real estate Industry majorly cost being designed on 6 following components,

And even out of it three costs are going to constant at to align the progress of project development as following:

  • Land cost
  • Construction cost
  • Authorities and compliances

But the rest of the three costs can be changed conceptually as following:

  • Marketing cost
  • Funds and finance cost
  • Profit

“Even these costs are only the reason to impact cost of property up to 50 to 65%.”

Concept to reduce the Marketing and Project finance Cost

As these two above aspects are making major impact on the reduction and raise the cost of property, so we defined it as following.

  • Sales and Marketing Cost
  • Project Finance cost

Project Finance cost

In the same consideration here also we are shifting financial investors to depositors of our multistate credit society by actualizing the power of depositors cumulation. And it creates strength to real estate by adding banking into it, where we raise members of our credit coop society and create it into depositors as per the by-laws of credit cooperative societies, means it says credit society can originate multiple services and banking to develop the strength and livelihood of its members. And instead of sharing the return on investment to investors against a specific site on the higher side, we distribute the yearly dividends and interest among the members and depositors of the coop credit societies. This helps real estate banking management to save another cost of project finance to 18 to 28% by shifting private finance to cumulative finance of depositors by mapping Credit and deposit ratio as per banking guidelines.

Sales and Marketing cost

It has been defined in two simple changes of implementation, while researching this industry we found that, In traditional real estate industry is working on specific project marketing cost and we need to shift it to the common platform of the task origination process, which may be defined by two aspects of changes as

  • Sharing common task origination platform
  • Customer Segment vs Projects origination

Sharing a common platform

It is more defining the origination of task and process flow of tasks. As in real estate industry two major task to perform as construction task and sales task, And in the findings these two important tasks have got their own time-consuming process flows also as following :
Process flow of construction Task, right from finding the land, purchasing, authorities’ permission and converting it until construction site to customers visit.
Process flow of Sales task,vary from creating specific construction site advertisement and promotional material, lead generation, site visits to taking a booking amount. And for the same we need to follow rate vs ratio between generating the leads and converting it into booking a property. But important changes to be made that once traditional real estate industry performing for construction task, we need to keep sales task on hold until the completion of construction task’s process flow. And when sales task being implemented, we need to keep construction task on hold until getting customers booking. It is the same cost being wasted while implementing specific site sales and marketing process. In real estate banking management process, we are shifting specific marketing to common marketing platform and clearly conceptualise it by sharing a concept USP to both the task to perform independently by referring the concept not other task’s process flow. Which saves costs against holding the task for another task’s implementation.

Customer segment vs Project origination

For the implementation of real estate project in traditional industry specify the land/sites and then try to match it with the need, requirement, budget, and location of customers. Which carry the rate vs ratio at higher side always with the impact of 20:1 positive vs booking ratio. And there is a lot of costs involved in catering to this ratio in traditional real estate project. As an example, if one specific project has got 100 flats to be sold so this management has to originate 2000 positive leads and need to make a lot operational to be managed by time and cost into it to get results. So to balance this ratio and save cost of it real estate banking management originate the prospects before converting them into customers, and with the given period experts try to understand the need, requirement, and budget even before projecting the specific project, before offering a site for booking to customers. Which usually take 45 to 60 days from acquiring prospect of customers to booking the property. And that makes a huge change in the rate vs ratio between positive customers to bookings, even that has been estimated to bring down the ratio from 20:1 to 10:1 positive vs booking ratio. This means in the same above example of traditional real estate management can book 1 out of 20 positives in real estate banking management it is 1 out of 10 positives. And through this change implementation real estate banking management would be able to produce multiple sites as per the need, requirements, and budges by defining multiple segments of customers. And it would help to reduce the entire cost of 12 to 17% by deploying these implementations in sales and Marketing.

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